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At MARYAM ALMALKI, we voyage to establish a new definition of timeless elegance. Each collection is an ode to the eternal – an inquisitive and innovative, viciously vintage answer to the need for heels that do it all.

Designed in Qatar, brought to life by artisans in Italy then shared worldwide, our creations follow no fleeting trend. With a commitment to crafting heels that epitomize versatility and enduring grace, each and every one of our designs emits a signature energy that resonates with all whom their wearers cross paths.

MARYAM ALMALKI is built upon core values that ring true through every style – from a concept in their creator’s mind to you slipping them on;


New and old, popular and rare – we exist to celebrate craftsmanship in its infinite forms. Each design carries an at-once recognizable and mysterious crux of traditional craft and progressive flair that spans all corners of creativity.


Trends exist for the times – we’re committed to releasing a limited capsule series of new classics that exude impactful, timeless style for decades to come. Each design is a statement of style without time – cool without expiry.

 Beauty, Grace & Individuality

Style without compromise – our designs are an ode to the beauty and grace of your individuality. Every creation is conceived as an extension of your persona. It is your individuality that breathes life into our designs.   


MARYAM ALMALKI is sold online and at selected retailers.